Our Church

Our Church is not a great cathedral filled with works of art,
With Statues carved of saints and cherubim
But just a simple edifice that’s built to honor God,
and where we meet to praise and worship Him.

We don’t have famous preachers clad in crested, flowing robes,
who speak of riches and prosperity,
But only humble men and women of God who tell how Jesus died to pay for all our sins and set us free.

We have no lofty stained glass windows drawing praise of men,
or sounds of mighty organs in our ear.
But as we lift our voices and we sing of Jesus’ love,
we find the help to conquer doubt and fear.

As we gather as a family to hear the word of God,
and we are always blessed because we came.
Our fellowship and sweet communion fit us for the task
of living to bring honor to His Name.

Our church is just for sinners who are washed of Jesus’ blood,
who try to follow Christ, His works to do.
And everyone who has a need is welcome in our midst.
We pray that you will come to know Him too!