Our Past

Rising Star Baptist Church was founded in March 1926 by the late Rev. Hosea A. Zeno. Located in the historical section of Laplace known as “Woodland Quarters,” the church was originally a small wooden structure. With lanterns and lamps as the first source of light used by the original members, Rising Star emerged as a small congregation of loving believers who faithfully served God to the best of their knowledge.

The founder, Rev. Zeno served as pastor of this flock until the Lord called him from his labor in 1980.In the year of 1981, the membership of Rising Star elected Rev. Clarence L. Alvis as pastor. Rev. Alvis was a young, dynamic preacher with the gift of preaching and teaching God”s Word. He was also an extraordinarily blessed musical talent who played the organ and sang songs of praises to the Lord. Many who heard Rev. Alvis minister in Word and in Song reflect on how gifted and blessed he was.

A man of vision, Rev. Alvis spearheaded the renovation of Rising Star”s sanctuary from a wooden, time-worn structure to a beautiful brick and mortar building. This new building offered the membership a more modern and comfortable edifice in which to Praise and Honor the Lord.

Today the membership of Rising Star gladly sings “We”ve come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord.” After 13 faithful years of service to God and His flock. God called Rev. Clarence Alvis from his work. On April 11, 1994, Rev. Alvis went home to be with the Lord.

In October 1994 the membership ordained and installed a new undershepherd. Rev. Donald R. August, Sr. was elected pastor. He was ordained and installed on October 21, 1994. Just as the previous pastor, Rev. Alvis, Pastor August was elected as a young, dynamic leader. Having been raised as a child in Rising Star, the congregation elected one of its “sons” to take the reigns of leadership. Pastor August is married to one of the “daughters” of Rising Star, First Lady Roberta Zeno August, who is also a great niece of the original founder, Rev. Hosea A. Zeno. Today, under the guidance of Pastor August, Rising Star continues to strive to be “that light that shines in the darkness so that men may know that there is a reality in serving a true and a living God.”